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Theater, Concerts, Cinemas, Festivals…  A full solution to manage the entire life cycle of your cultural events

  • Optimizes communication processes and dissemination of cultural events

  • Manages the entire life cycle of the entries from its creation to the viewer's pass

  • Manage multiple spaces and events in a friendly work environment with financial management functionalities


What is Taquilla Manager

What is Taquilla Manager

TaquillaManager is a platform developed to optimize all processes and procedures associated with the management of cultural events. A friendly, powerful, attractive and secure application that will allow you to drastically reduce the burden of managing your events, associated costs and increase the satisfaction of your viewers.
  • TaquillaManager is a platform developed to optimize all processes and procedures associated with the management of cultural events.

    A friendly, powerful, attractive and secure application that will allow you to drastically reduce the burden of managing your events, associated costs and increase the satisfaction of your viewers.

    • Friendly and intuitive

      We have developed a platform where we take special care of all aspects related to usability and friendliness throughout the entire management process and, of course, with the participation of the viewers themselves through the various channels available for the acquisition of tickets (Web, App, telephone sales, ...).

    • Customizable and configurable

      Taquilla Manager offers a high level of customization to achieve a platform 100% adapted to your needs. You will have a totally personalized cultural web portal from which to carry out your cultural promotion, in addition you will have tickets designed to your liking and with different rates, printable at the box office or from home in print-at-home online format.

    • With the possibility of creating ad-hoc cultural spaces

      You will also have a powerful space designer that will allow you to compose your own maps of seats for shows. The flexibility of the platform will allow you to implement your own subscription and customer loyalty policy, which makes your platform a unique experience among your users.

    • Permanent and global mangement

      In addition, for those entities that have cultural promotion as the center of their business, our experience has allowed us to develop an application that conceives of cultural management in a global way and as a permanent action.

      TaquillaManager allows you to accurately and over time manage all the economic aspects, customer segmentation, and occupation of your events and spaces, with a powerful report manager and a global scorecard , that allow to make any decision with the information need.



Taquilla Manager integrates in a single platform all the functionalities and complementary services necessary to achieve an outstanding cultural management.

A custom application

You will have your own design of tickets, cultural spaces, loyalty processes, sales web portal and App, so that your customers have a unique cultural experience.

With an own web channel and app

TaquillaManager offers you an own web channel adapted to different devices (Pc, Tablet or Smartphone) that will allow you to develop in a differentiated way your strategy of managing cultural events and entertainment. In addition we have an APP addressed to your audience through which they can consult events, news, manage your subscriber account…

And supporting external channels

TaquillaManager relies on digital and printed external channels to achieve optimal management of the occupation in the cultural events you organize, and obtain maximum dissemination of them.

To manage the entire life cycle of an event

From the creation of the different cultural events with their seat maps and different rates, until the end of the process with ticket ticketing and financial management of each show.

Unlimited cultural spaces and events

That yes, without any limit in the creation of cultural spaces, maps of seats, events, rates or associated companies. Our goal is to ensure that the management of an organization's cultural events is a coherent and prological process over time.

With economic management module

For this reason we introduce an economic management module that will allow you to know in real time the situation of your box, sales in a specific event by tariffs, global reports throughout the months, etc. All of them exportable to Excel or PDF format.

And Reports and dashboard

It will allow you to see the situation of your organization, a cultural event or a particular show in different dimensions (occupation map, sales management, etc.) 

With access to the Taquilla Manager Learning Institute

For those entities that wish to integrate the platform into their systems, the Box Office Manager team can help or train them in how to do it. Through the training of Manager Learning Institute, you can turn your platform into an even more configurable and interoperable element, which allows you to decide what kind of hardware you want to integrate (printers, guns, pda's ...), as well as integrate new features not present In the product, and / or value-added services such as the subscriber module with cards of RFID.

And with our permanent support

With a marketing team and specialized technical support to achieve streamlined programming, sales and customer service processes with the objective of achieving the satisfaction of your audience and the optimization of your sales.

Ask for a 100% Operative Demo from the Box Office Manager free of charge, and find out the advantages that Taquilla Manager can offer you.

We work as a team?

For us it is essential to have a network of collaborators that allows us to grow, optimize processes and innovate jointly in the field of comprehensive management of cultural events. From TaquillaManager we put the technology at your disposal, but you decide the orientation and the meaning of the application. If you are a cultural organization, a promoter, a company or a cultural management company in us you will find a technological partner.

We will work together to give an optimal and adapted response to the times in the field of cultural management.

TaquillaManager Learning Instutitute


When we start an initiative in our organizations, we always expect them to bring benefits that impact the results. However, initiatives can produce profound benefits in the organization or simply be a make-up.
The difference is in the degree of incidence of the initiatives, and this depends on the level of incorporation of the same in the day to day by each individual. If each person dominates the application, each one improves and the sum of all creates the great change.
Thus TaquillaManager Learning Institute was born with the aim of helping TaquillaManager customers and partners make the most of this versatile platform.
The training is materialized through activities in different fields of action:


The management of a cultural space is complex and the teams responsible for it must take into account multiple elements that interact in the life cycle of the events. Through TaquillaManager our team responsible for support will help you and we will work together to optimize aspects such as the management of the stock of tickets, communication of the shows, creation of different rates and plans of subscribers, ticketing and organization of events...


Through this training itinerary, the technical staff of the partner will acquire the necessary skills to adapt the platform to the requirements defined by the client. The technical training allows the developer to adapt and configure the TaquillaManager platform to the needs of the project, integrate and interoperate with other systems, adapt the solution to different types of hardware (printers, guns, PDA's ...), as well as integrate and adapt advanced functionalities present in the product, and / or value-added services such as the subscriber module with RFID or NFC cards.


It is strategic for any client that manages cultural events have an efficient and adaptable management tool, which allows to address in an integral way the day to day in its operations. This training itinerary allows the developer of the associated entity, with all the necessary competencies that allow it to effectively market TaquillaManager, and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. The itinerary will train sales people in the argumentation and sale cycle of the solution, the current market situation of the product, marketing devices and general campaigns, as well as in the roadmap and news of the base platform in the future.


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